1. I

    Need suggestions on Child visa sub class 101

    I am currently working in Singapore and I have an Australia PR visa (189) .(Not migrated Yet) My wife and 1st child are in India -Both have Australian PR visa. We are expecting our 2nd child in the month of June 2019. I need your suggestions on the below questions : Can I apply for child visa...
  2. H

    Subclass 190 Claiming Australian study points

    Hi, My name is sandeep singh. Firstly, thank you guys for helping everyone. My question regards to claim 5 points for Australian study. I have got skill assessment last month and want to claim 5 points for the study, I have done in Australia. However, I have one doubt. *I did firstly diploma...
  3. Dileep

    Suggestions & Recommendations on the new feature of MD - Media posting

    Hi All, Hope you may have seen the new feature added on to the menu bar of MD homepage. and the Random Media cascading along the homepage. Please post your valuable comments on what we can do to improve these features. I believe that it'd help our members know what to expect in Australia and...