suitability criteria

  1. Hasan.gharaibeh

    ACS What is the expected outcomes

    Dear all, I need your help regarding my skills assessment. 2006 - 2010 Bachelor Software Engineering Sep 2011 - Sep 2013 Full time software engineering. Feb 2015 - May 2016 Full time software engineering. June 2016 - July 2017 Full time software engineering. 2016 - 2019 Master of Software...
  2. A

    Experience earned before qualification - how ACS handles it

    Guys just wanted to know that how many years of experience ACS will deduct from my total experience and how many point I may get for my education and Experience. B.Com - 2001 A Level - 2004 (DOEACC NIELTS) MCA (SMUDE) - 2008 -2010 Work experience in IT field from Oct 2004 ... Thanks
  3. O

    How many years do ACS deduct for 100% non IT qualification, and applying for IT based SOL.

    Hello Admin, After getting inspired from me, one of my friend is looking for the opportunity to apply for AU immigration and try his LUCK!!! Below are his details. Exp:- 10 Years of IT experience Education:- BCOM (100% NON IT qualification) In this case, do he stand a chance to have a...