telecommunication engineering 263311

  1. S

    EA Question:

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to do skill assessment as a Electronics engineer. I have 4 years Bachelor's degree in a telecommunication sphere and 2 years Master's degree in Telecommunication engineering from overseas 2011 till 2017. Can I do skill assessment from EA? I don't have any job experience...
  2. easy_guy

    ACS 263111 - Computer Network and Systems Engineer Vs. Telecom Engineer

    Hello! I have my bachelors degree in telecommunication engineering and have been working since five years as Network and system Admin for a company. I have also done few certifications in networking too. Now as I'm planning to apply for Australian PR, I am confused whether i should or should...
  3. H

    Diploma of Telecommunication qualify to get Skill Assessment from EA?

    Hi There, I've intended to study Diploma of Telecommunication in Australia (VIC), I have no money for the degree at the moment. Have anyone ever got Skill assessment with Diploma of Telecommunication? Cheers.
  4. I

    EA Applied for assessment got rejected and ban imposed for 1 year

    Hi Team, Recently I have applied for skill assessment to Engineers Australia. The project reports submitted was my own work which I did during my undergraduation course! I am not sure where these projects got uploaded online. I have checked online and found similar projects. When I submitted my...
  5. Gajerapiyush76

    Telecommunication engineer 263311

    Hey all i am new to this forum I have submitted EOI for 189 and 190 for 263311 telecommunication engineer I have applied at 65 points in 189 and 70 points in 190 Please share the views what are my chances to get the invitation and what should i do Is there any other sponserships availble if...