third-party statutory declaration

  1. T

    ACS Statutory declaration rules

    Hi, Do we have a change in rules for statutory declaration. Does it have to mandatorily accompanied with declarant's employment proof like relieving letter or current employer letter?
  2. A

    ACS Statutory declaration for Skills Assessment in ACS

    Dear friends, I have a few doubts regarding submission of a Statutory declaration to ACS for Skills Assessment. I went through the ACS guidelines pdf ( Assessment Guidelines for Applicants V5-6 Aug 2018.pdf) and understood that if one...
  3. S

    ACS Statutory Declaration for ACS Assessment.

    Is it a must to get the statutory declaration on stamped paper or on a simple A4 paper will be enough? Can anyone please provide a sample? I am from outside Australia. Thanks in advance.
  4. jaspal29

    Can third-party statutory declaration be signed by a colleague who has left the company

    I am looking for a third-party statutory declaration from one of my senior colleagues for my ex-employer, however, he has already resigned a few months ago. He worked along with me during my entire duration of employment with the previous employer. Can I get the third-party statutory declaration...