1. V

    When can we expect them to open the payment portal for 491 applications in the NSW regions?

    When can we expect them to open the payment portal for 491 applications in the NSW regions. Thank you in advance
  2. M

    Two EOI in one

    Hi everyone. I hope you can help me with this concern, I have lodged an EOI with interest to apply for Visas 190 and 189. Both in one EOI. I have received an email from NSW inviting me to apply for Nomination in the same state. My question is: *If I lodge my application to be nominated by...
  3. A

    Health assessment deadline

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone who has been through the 309/100 partner visa process can answer a question for me. The question is, when your CO asks you to provide your health assessment, do they give a deadline for this and how long is that, typically? We've put our application in a little...
  4. Lynne Crawford

    234111 Agricultural Consultant eoi

    I have had an EOI for the 189 for a while but yet to be invited. Now I am off shore I have just submitted a 190 EOI for Victoria. I have 75 points and am i correct i will now have 80 due to being state nominated. Do you have two invitation rounds a month like the 189 or is it random...
  5. I

    Expression 190 NSW

    I have 65 points in my hand. I am an Accountant. I have studied from Australia. I have applied on 31 July 2017 EOI 190 (NSW). Can somebody tell me, how much time does the NSW migration take nowadays to issue EOI 190 invitation (Not nomination timeframe). Thanks!!
  6. Dileep

    Submitting EOI for both 189 & 190 Vic

    Hi All, I had submitted my EOI under 189 for the occupation 233512 (Mechanical engineer). The points were calculated to be 65. Now I am also planning to apply for 190 as well through Victoria (which will raising the points to 70, I believe). Will you please clarify the following doubts am...