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    Info Visitor Visa 600 for Parents (Sponsored family)

    Hi I have applied for visa for my parents about more than a month ago, the medical and exemption was finalised last week, how long does it take these days to get visa after the exemptions, medical and biometric.
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    ACS ACS Assessment July 2018

    Can I request all those who submitted ACS assessment request in July 2018 to post when they receive their results. This will help all others waiting to estimate the timelines for ACS assessment.....
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    Is there any specific timeline to move to the sponsored state for subclass 190

    Hi @MysticRiver, so finally after a long wait of almost 70days I got my visa grant letter the other day. I am extremely grateful to you for all your advice. I did all the visa documentation on my own and thus was always apprehensive but all is good now at the end.Your blog has been of immense...