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    EA Transcript Document for Assessment

    Hi, I am currently applying for my education and experiences assessment. Is it okay to upload consolidated mark sheet as transcript . If not what should I upload for Transcript document for my Engineering degree. I have my degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet . Are they enough for my...
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    Subclass 189 ACS - Required Documents

    Hi, I have planned to submit my Consolidated mark sheet as Award Transcript, which details all the subjects of the course. I have completed MCA, so I have to submit both Master's and Bachelor's degree certificates and consolidated mark sheets. The problem is, my Bachelor degree's consolidated...
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    ACS Certified copy of educational transcript/testamur

    Hi My university transcript 3 pages.. I just stamped it from ministry of high education in my country... they stamped only the first page ... they mention only one stamp provided coz it is for them one document !. My question is whether ACS will accept it or not, plz advise.