1. atifiqbal1985

    Travel on passport while waiting for Grant

    Hi everyone, I have lodged the visa, and waiting for my grant now. I want to know if I can apply for visa for a visa for purpose of holiday travel to any country (other than Australia), and subsequently travel once I get the visa? Since I have already uploaded Form 80 and mentioned my travels...
  2. G

    Form 80 & past travel/passports

    Hey! Thanks for upkeeping this website - it has been a great source of information! I'm transitioning from a 457 to a 189 VISA (Canadian passport), and am currently getting all the paperwork ready. I just received my invitation today, so that's very exciting. I'm in the process of filling out...
  3. R

    Dependent application travel to Australia without main applicant

    Hi, I would like to know whether dependent can travel to Australia in search for job before the main applicant travels? Also what are the states that sponsor for "Software tester" ANZSCO 261314 ?
  4. MysticRiver

    Visa Restrictions Index - most powerful passports - visa requirements for the Australians

    According to Visa Restrictions Index 2016 by The Henley & Partners, Australian passport is ranked 8th in the world in terms of freedom of travel with visa-free (or VOA) entry to 169 countries and territories. The passport index 2017 reports 153 countries for Australians to get visa free access...
  5. SC189

    After receiving grant, Is it mandatory to inform DIBP if I am travelling to some other country?

    Dear @MysticRiver , After receiving grant, Is it mandatory to inform DIBP if I am travelling to some other country for 30 days? I need to travel to europe for 30 days due to official company trip..If i need to inform how to proceed and who to inform and whi Please let me know..
  6. S

    Accommodation and travel insurance

    Could you please share options for single person accomodations in reasonable amount in Sydney?