1. B

    ACS Does application of TSS482 need Skills Assessment for Software Engineer?

    Hi, I have read info from IMMI of AU, but still got some question, As it showing on TSS482 eligibility, Have relevant skills, qualifications and employment background to perform occupation If you are the primary visa applicant, you must demonstrate that you have the skills and experience...
  2. F

    TSS 482 Visa Work Experience Calculation

    Hi all, I am currently studying in University of Sydney on a Student visa while also working part time as an Acoustic Engineer (included in occupation group Engineers Professional nec 233999) at a company in Sydney. I plan to continue working there after graduation, but since my program duration...
  3. ulysse-z4

    Need your help for a 482 intra company transfer

    Hi Peoples, I am hoping to find some clues about my transfer to Australia. my company want me to go from France to Australia. They are starting the discussions internally. I am a system engineer, I am not sure if my AZNCO job is System Admin or computer system engineer, and i know i have to...
  4. O

    TSS Subsequent entrant to PR

    Hello, I am on 482 TSS Subsequent entrant Visa, this was sponsored by my partner's company. I have found an employer here that offered me a permanent position job as a Software Engineer. Can I apply to Employee Nomination Scheme PR pathway with my current employer even though I am only...
  5. J

    TSS Subsequent entry visa to Permanent Resident Visa 189

    Hello, I am currently on TSS subsequent entry visa--it is sponsored by my wife's company hence I am only her dependent. I've found a permanent job here in Brisbane in line with my skill (IT) started working August 2019. I already have my ACS assessment skill and English exam. Could I apply...
  6. V

    Work experience for 482

    I am in the process of applying for a 482. My prospective employer is a hospital and they have informed me that its very difficult to find experienced ICU nurses. I qualified as a nurse in the UK in 2010 with an Advanced Diploma and have been working full time since, with 3y 5m in ICU. I...