1. atifiqbal1985

    Subclass 189 Evidence of Health tab - where to upload Polio Vaccination Certificate

    Hi all, I submitted my visa application on 14th Oct, and got my medical done yesterday. The medical center mentioned that the report will be sent to DIBP in almost 3 days. I also need to submit Polio Vaccination Certificate since it is required for my country, and I was told by people to upload...
  2. atifiqbal1985

    Signing Form 80 and Form 1221

    Hi everyone, While filling Forms 80 and Form 1221, there is requirement of signature at the end of the document for both myself, and partner. Since I don't wish to print and rescan all of it, can I just sign it using touchscreen laptop through Acrobat? Will that be acceptable? Someone told me...
  3. atifiqbal1985

    PDF or JPG file size to upload for visa application

    Hello everyone, Well, I am expecting invite in the upcoming round, and was preparing my documents for that matter. The PDF file or JPG files of the documents which I have scanned are roughly 20 MB each file, since I scanned them in 600 DPI with highest quality. I am not aware what would be the...