1. nosepicker

    Subclass 887 Police Clearance Validity - 887

    Hello guys, Soon my partner and I will be eligible to apply for the visa 887. Our only question/doubt is regarding the validity of police certificates. According to the link below, we do not need a new police certificate if we have not left the country...
  2. A

    validity of re-entry visa

    Hi As a family, we live outside australia (job reasons) and i am making the arrangement that my wife will be in australia just before the last arrival date. When she is in australia, she needs to apply for a re-entry visato be able to come back again. Question : What is the validity of the...
  3. MysticRiver

    General The validity of subclass 189 and 190 Visa

    To whom it may concern: If you receive your PR in subclass 189 and 190, all you need to do is to make the first entry (even if for an hour) to Australia within the mentioned time period (it'll be mentioned in your grant letter). After that, it will entitle you to Stay forever in Australia...
  4. A

    Does the police clearance need to be the most recent one

    Hi just seeking clarification on PCC thing. Does it need to be most recent? i am in Australia for the last two years, i obtained my overseas PCC when i came to Australia. Do i need a new one now? i am going to get the one for Australia now, but uncertain about my home country PCC status. thank you