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    ACS ACS skills assessment query

    Hello, ACS assessed my qualification as Engineering degree with minor in computing and 6 years of relevant IT experience, but deducted those years since my degree only has a minor in computing. I recently came to know vendor certifications are assessed. If I complete a certification now,will...
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    ACS If you hold other vendor certifications they may be assessed on a case by case basis.

    Hi, I don't know if anyone has experience with other vendor certifications and the ACS skills assesment but here is my situation: I have achieved (current) Red Hat Certified Architect status which means I have passed 7 practical exams (Red Hat Linux, Cloudforms, OpenStack, Clustering and...
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    ACS Query regarding ACS (employement & education) assesment

    I need clarification about my employment & Education assessment. I have overall 7+yrs of experience in Windows\Vmware\Cloud\Network administration. I worked in 5 different companies and below is the duration I was with each of them. Company A: 2 yrs 7 months Company B: 1 year 11 months...
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    ACS Vendor certification(MCSE) experience

    Hi, Recently I have completed my IELTS exam with 7 each band which helps me to get 10 points. But I have little confusion about experience and education assessment policy of immigration of Australia. I have 8 years overseas experience in System and Network Engineer since 2010 without my...