1. LPP

    Sharing experience on CO's requirements/questions

    Dear All, After submitting our application, the biggest fear of ours is CO requirements for further assessment delaying our grant. Therefore, let us gather all the possible situations where CO would request more details and let's get ready and equipt to face similar situations. Hence, I...
  2. atifiqbal1985

    Subclass 189 Incorrect email address in Reference letter!

    Hi all, I lodged my Visa few days back, and while intimating all my previous employers for possible contact for employment verification, I came to know that there was a slight mistake in the email address of my first employer. I missed a dot in the email address, which results in bouncing back...
  3. R

    Diploma issue

    Hello, Can someone explain to me.. Where can I check could I verify my diploma in Australia? Is it accepted or not? How much does it cost to get it verified? I saw on the application that there is a lot of options (It can be verified by a lot of the government institution) Any information is...