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    VETASSESS Required Skill assessment in Another Occupation

    Hi, I already have Positive Skill Assessment as a Geophysicist - 234412. Currently, I am seeking to get an assessment in Environmental Scientist - 234399 and Environmental Consultant - 234312 as I also performed most of the duties related to these fields while I was working in MRC, Pakistan. But...
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    VETASSESS Is maternity leave paid by the state considered as "unpaid leave"?

    Hello, I am about to submit a Skills Assessment for Review with Vetassess, but am troubled on how to count my "unpaid leave days". If the maternity leave is paid by the state and not the employer is it considered "unpaid"? Thank you
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    VETASSESS Partner skill assessment for ANSCO 223112 Recruitment Consultant

    Hi @mohsinciddiki @MysticRiver, Wanted to get some clarification regarding my partner's skill assessment for the ANZSCO code 223112 Recruitment Consultant from VETASSESS. She holds a 3 year full time Bachelor of Arts (Programme) degree from Delhi University (with major in Industrial Relations...
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    VETASSESS Skill Assessment (award certificate/transcript of educational course)

    Dear fellows I received this: Apparently they want my Diploma certificate and kardex as far as I know, the thing is that I just need one month more to receive the award i talked with the director of my college and she told me she just can provide me a Confirmation of Competency Letter stating...
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    VETASSESS Vetassess Application

    Hello, I'm ready to go through Skills assessment process with Vetassess for my Immigration purpose, this is the first step for me and I've already shortlisted Job 149212 and visa type 190, to make sure I do everything correctly, can you pls help to advise on the below screenshot? I suppose, I...
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    VETASSESS Vetassess Experience calculation

    Hello, I'm applying for Customer Service manager position 149212, I have total 7.5 years of work experience (below), what experience most likely Vetassess will count for my skill assessment? 2 years of Customer Service representative 3.5 years on Team leader role in the same Customer Service...