1. PbP

    Obsolete visa 491, if my experience count, skilled partner

    Hi guys, I'm not sure of anything. I'm looking to be able to give my partner points, so I was looking into the lists for the 491 visa. I have a degree, bachelor in science biology and scored competent English. Into a description to Zookeeper it says: "Available to applicants who are working in...
  2. Y

    VETASSESS Skill assessment of current ongoing position

    I have finished one year of work and now my contract is renewed for another year (So on 2021 I will have two years of work experience). Will Vetassess consider my work experience as one year or two year, if I apply for evaluation today?
  3. Y

    VETASSESS Vetassess asks for 5 tasks for the employment position

    I am a postdoc and when I want to add employment for skill assessment, it asks me to enter 5 main tasks. In my current position I am involved in research and student thesis supervision. There are not any other tasks that I am being paid for. What can I do? If you are a postdoc how did you fill...
  4. nomzhere

    VETASSESS Bio-technologist - as a Lecturer in University?

    Hi there, My wife is a Lecturer in University. She did her Masters in Molecular Biotechnologist from UK. We are planning to apply for her skill assessment as a "Biotechnologist" and counting on the experience she has in the university as a lecturer in Pakistan. She has worked in the lab and...
  5. Matute80

    VETASSESS Positive expired outcome- Add experience under same occupation ANZSCO 232312

    Hi everyone, I am brand new here! I guess my question is a very common one but can't find the exact answer online. I have a positive outcome letter from Vetassess with 7.2 points test advice. This expired already a few months ago. I am going to apply for a state sponsorship visa and need to...
  6. jeffdcruzj

    VETASSESS Life scientist trying for VETASSESS skill assessment, finding difficulty in forming job description

    Hello, I am a life scientist by profession, trying to VETASSESS skill assessment. I find it difficult to write job duties and responsibilities that match my occupation. My job duties cover multiple areas/skills of occupations listed in the group 2345 (Life Scientist) such as life scientist...
  7. E

    VETASSESS Marketing Specialist Skill Assessment

    Hi Will a marketing specialist get positive skill assessment if he has two years of relevant experience in the last 5 years, Bachelor degree AQF comparable, but not in a highly relevant field of study?
  8. Fbaz

    Subclass 489 FS Will they check job experience after a Positive vetasses skill assessment

    Good Evening everybody, just I quick and simple question: If I do have enough proves (bank statements) to prove my job experience for a VETASSESS assesment (restaurant manager) but not enough (no payslip or tax record) in case after my EOI the government double check my job experience. If I...
  9. Garry567

    ACS Bachelor degree assessed without experience

    Hi there, I have done my bachelor degree in computer application overseas and looking for assess my degree for point base system as I don’t have work experience but I will get after three months where I was confused should I need to assess Australia work experience or I can assess my degree...
  10. L

    ACS ACS evaluation Query

    Hi Guys, Need your inputs, I have completed my BA and currently working as a QC lead(Automation Testing). My question is do I need to get Vetassess Assessment for my UG degree? Or ACS will evaluate after submitting RPL report? Once ACS evaluate can opt for UG degree points and Experience?
  11. Meltito

    VETASSESS Employment period calculation

    Hi everyone, my husband’s bachelor is in advertising design and communication, which is highly relevant to Marketing Specialist definition of Vetassess. As we are in the same list I was wondering if I could get 5 points from his skills assessment. The only problem is that his experience after...
  12. S

    VETASSESS Vetassess result confusion.

    Hi, I recently applied for skill assessment through Vetassess as a marketing specialist. I have completed 3 years bachelors and 2 years masters (MBA major Marketing) and I do have 2 years of work experience in Australia as a marketing specialist ANZSCO CODE 225113. They have mentioned this...
  13. S

    VETASSESS how much years deduct by VETASSESS?

    how much years deduct by VETASSESS? Job code :- 232414 Web Designer Age 28 - 30 Points Degree - Bachelor - 15 Points Experience - 10 (If Vetassess give me 5+ years experience from my 8+ Years) if i have BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) degree
  14. M

    VETASSESS New rule: Salaried PhD as working experience?

    I have a question regarding to the new rule about the PhD working exeperience. I'm about to finish my PhD in Denmark and planning to apply for the 189 visa under "University Lecturer". I have a paid PhD programmes, the salary is above the average salary level in Denmark. I also have a contract...
  15. A

    VETASSESS Payment evidence with fluctuating records

    Hi everyone, I am on the way to assess my occupation to VETASSESS and have enquiry related to the payment evidence to prove my work experience. Actually, I can easily issue a bank statement, showing my workplace name, as an evidential. My main issue is that the salary is fluctuating, i.e. it...
  16. ashy

    VETASSESS VETASSESS work experience while studying

    Hello forum members, I have been following this forum for a while. Thanks a lot for all the informative info. I have a question about Vetasses skill assessment for work experience while studying, if anyone could please take the time and answer I would really appreciate. I am looking to apply...
  17. G

    ACS ACS with RPL -> Vetassess?

    Hi Friends, I am looking for an advice from people who have already received their 189 visa and had their ACS assessment done through RPL route. I am a Mechanical engineer working in software industry. My ACS application with RPL is approved and 6 years are deducted,as expected. I had sent...
  18. A

    VETASSESS VETASSESS assessment: Botanist or Life Scientist (General)

    Dear colleagues, I am planning to assess my degrees in VETASSESS as a scientist, but I am really confused about which scientist occupation I should choose for my assessment. I had got a B.Sc. in Botany (that was my specialty in the last two years of the college and that what is exactly written...
  19. D

    VETASSESS Skills Reassessment

    Hi, I am new here. This is regarding my Vetassess Skills Reassessment. I received negative outcome on my first application and the reason stated was some of my job tasks do not match the nominated occupation ANZSCO 134213 (Primary Health Org Manager). I have applied for reassessment, post...
  20. maandeswal

    Bachelor Degree Credit Value required to match AQF Level 7

    Hello Everyone, I am seeking a little help regarding credit value earned in Bachelor degree. Anyone might know about it. 3 Years Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) degree, from Sikkim Manipal University -Distance Education. Total Cumulative Credits - 140 Will they assess this...