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    VETASSESS Vetassess employment review

    It is now 11 weeks done we have applied for review on 15 April . Illustrator education highly relevant 3 years of experience from Sydney not relevant.somebody guide and share his experience.How vetassess deals with review and how long will it takes .
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    VETASSESS Is maternity leave paid by the state considered as "unpaid leave"?

    Hello, I am about to submit a Skills Assessment for Review with Vetassess, but am troubled on how to count my "unpaid leave days". If the maternity leave is paid by the state and not the employer is it considered "unpaid"? Thank you
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    VETASSESS Vetassess Application

    Hello, I'm ready to go through Skills assessment process with Vetassess for my Immigration purpose, this is the first step for me and I've already shortlisted Job 149212 and visa type 190, to make sure I do everything correctly, can you pls help to advise on the below screenshot? I suppose, I...