1. amitrayman

    How long it takes to update VEVO after submitting notification of incorrect answer?

    I applied for my Visa on December 7th of 2022. On 12th i submitted notification of incorrect answer through their online portal as i made a mistake in my Name. My passport and my visa application has separate family name. Then on 20th December i got my visa with the wrong name. My vevo is not...
  2. MysticRiver

    General What is VEVO? Why is that important? How do I access that?

    What is VEVO? VEVO is the official online portal of DIBP for the Australian visa holders to check their current visa status. Who has access to VEVO? Everybody who has an Australian visa granted has the access to VEVO irrespective of which subclass/type his/her visa belongs to. Why is VEVO...