vic state nomination

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    VIC Vic state nomination

    Hi I have applied for 491 with 75 points didn’t realise My Naati was expired 2 months back.Now I got the invitation to apply for the visa.But I have 70 points now.Should I mention it some where while applying for the visa?
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    Info Is Victoria inviting offshore candidates

    Hi, I wanted to know did any offshore candidate get pre invitation from Victoria state considering the current scenario. I have submitted my EOI in March 2020 with 80 points and still no invite from Victoria for 190 visa.
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    VIC Vic 190

    Hi , I am soon moving to Victoria. I am not Victorian graduate. I submitted my EOi for 190 nomination with job offer. But I came to know my manager is on leave for 2 weeks. And I am not able to get employee statement now. Will it affect my application? Pleas advise thanks
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    VIC Victoria nomination approval time frame and recent approvals

    Hi Everyone, I have a general question regarding 190 nomination in graduate stream. How long does it take for a nomination,? Does it always take 12 weeks? Is there anyone who has received an approval recently ? If so how long did it take ? Thanks
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    190 Vic State Sponsorship- Processing time?

    HI Guys, I have applied for Software Engineer VIC state sponsorship with 80+5 points on Dec3 whats your thoughts on this? How long you think processing time would be , at this stage I have a job offer in Vic at the moment and my TR visa is ending in July2020. What do you guys reckon/suggest me...
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    Please help me to guide through step by step procedure for Victoria Sub Class 190

    Hello All, i am currently working as a software engineer 261313 with 65+5 state nomination.I want to lodge subclass 190 for victoria state. my query is Do we have to submit EOI in skillselect only and wait for my nomination ? or we have to submit skillselect as well as The form to be filled up...
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    VIC Victorian Job offer for Engineering Technologist under graduate pathway

    Hello, I am a graduate of Victoria and got positive skill assessment as an Engineering technologist 233914. I have 60 points right now so I can go for 190 and 489 and I can see there is no option available at the moment to apply for any other state except victoria, but victoria ask for a job...