1. R

    VIC VIC state nomination application processing time for 190

    Hi All, I got a mail that my ROI has been selected to apply for Victorian nomination for visa subclass 190. (I wasn't expecting it so quickly, I just submitted my ROI 2 days back.) I had a query about the nomination application processing time. How much time does it generally take for the...
  2. R

    Been here for 10 years... Apply to VIC 190/491 as EN?

    Hi guys, just wanting your advise on what I should sumbit for ROI as per this year's VIC FY 22-23. My points breakdown: English - 20 points Single - 10 points Diploma - 10 points Aus Study Req. - 5 points Age - 25 points Total: 70 points 190: 75 points 491: 85 points Should I apply ROI for...
  3. S

    Chances for Early Childhood teacher in Australia

    What are chances with below points under "Early Childhood" occupation to migrate to Australia? Age: 30 Experience: 0 Education: 15 IELTS: 10/20 Partner: 10 Total: 65/75 Also, where we can check the cut off for non-prorated occupations?
  4. M

    190 Vic State Sponsorship- Processing time?

    HI Guys, I have applied for Software Engineer VIC state sponsorship with 80+5 points on Dec3 whats your thoughts on this? How long you think processing time would be , at this stage I have a job offer in Vic at the moment and my TR visa is ending in July2020. What do you guys reckon/suggest me...
  5. raghav2k14

    VIC subclass 190 ICT 261313

    Hello All, Can you please guide me. I lodged an EOI for Victoria 190 and as I am ICT applicant with job offer and had ACS I was eligible to apply directly to Victoria. But just in 1 week I received this reply from Victoria today: Thank you for the application for Victorian Government...
  6. A

    VIC NSW / VIC Chances for Invite with 60+5 Points

    Hi, I had submitted my multiple EOI on 16-07-2017 for NSW & VIC each with 60+5 (State Points), however till now I haven't received the invitation. It is almost an year now, are there any chances of invite or I should give up? Regards, Ahsan
  7. pradeepmg

    NSW & Vic 190 ITA

    Hello, We have applied for NSW and Victoria with 65+5 points on 15th February and have not received invite yet. As I understand NSW does not reveal the details of the invite. I wish to know if anyone with the score 70+5 has received the invite in recent days? for NSW or Victoria?
  8. Prasad Borwankar

    ACS English Assessment points considerations for State Sponsorship

    I have applied under sub class 190 for NSW and Victoria with 65 points (including state sponsorship). My occupation code is 261111-ICT Business Analyst. EOI effective date is 4/7/17. My PTE scores are Listening-78, Reading-82, Writing-87 and Speaking-89. Had I got 79 in Listening, my score would...
  9. A

    General Finding a job in Australia - Mechanical Engineering

    As a mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience in MEGA projects .. what are the things i need to do find a job in Australia, knowing that i have an Australian PR but my experience in outside Australia ? Which state is most recommended for Engineering jobs (Especially construction...