victoria nomination

  1. R

    VIC Chance to get Victoria nomination with 70 as a pastry cook

    Hello everybody, I am new here. I applied 65+5=70 as a pastry cook. Any chance to get nomination and how long for trade onshore. I used to live in vic about 5 years but now I am living in nsw from last 3 years but I provided job offer letter for Victoria. What you guys think. Anybody with this...
  2. R

    VIC 190 Civil Engineer Vic Chances

    Hi, I have 60+5(state) points for Civil Engineer 233211. with 6 years experience. Under the current circumstances how likely is my chances of getting invited from VICTORIA with such points. I would appreciate your replies and suggestions.
  3. A

    VIC Has anyone successfully got 190 for Victoria?

    I would like to know if someone has successfully received PR for Victoria through subclass 190. As I am interested in that but the probability seems tough. I see more trend towards NSW as it seems easier. Please guide and share experiences
  4. A

    VIC NSW / VIC Chances for Invite with 60+5 Points

    Hi, I had submitted my multiple EOI on 16-07-2017 for NSW & VIC each with 60+5 (State Points), however till now I haven't received the invitation. It is almost an year now, are there any chances of invite or I should give up? Regards, Ahsan
  5. G

    NSW State Nomination (NSW or Victoria)

    Is 70 ( including 5 extra) good enough to get NSW or Victoria nomination ?
  6. Prasad Borwankar

    ACS English Assessment points considerations for State Sponsorship

    I have applied under sub class 190 for NSW and Victoria with 65 points (including state sponsorship). My occupation code is 261111-ICT Business Analyst. EOI effective date is 4/7/17. My PTE scores are Listening-78, Reading-82, Writing-87 and Speaking-89. Had I got 79 in Listening, my score would...
  7. Pure Soul

    EOI first or Victoria Nomination first?

    Hi, While I am waiting for skill assessment from vatassess (Chemist), I would like to know whether next step should be- 1. To apply nomination from victoria website after this followed by EOI or 2. To directly apply EOI requesting victoria nomination? Please help Thanks