visa 186

  1. R

    ACS Partial Skill assessment Question for visa 186

    Hi, I have total 10 years of experience of which 4.5 have been in Australia. But the direct stream visa 186, I need to get my skill assessed. (ICT business Analyst) So I was wondering if its ok if I can just use my experience from the last 4.5 years to get the skill assessment done as it will...
  2. G

    ACS ANZSCO code in 482 visa is different from my ACS skill assesment letter

    Hi All, i had completed my ACS in Sep 2020 with Software engineer. But i recently found out that my 482 visa was sponsored against computer network & systems engineer, which is really strange. So if my employer wants to sponsor my 186 DE, i would have to update my ACS with Computer network &...
  3. G

    ACS Digital Design applying for multimedia specialist 186 DE

    Hi, I have an Australian degree - Bachelor of Arts major in digital design and graphic design. I am currently under 482 TSS visa. My occupation as listed in my current TSS visa is Multimedia Specialist. I am thinking of applying ACS for 186 Direct Entry. Will my education background which is...
  4. Kii

    Can I cancel my private health insurance?

    Hi, Currently, I am on 485 post study work visa (temporary residence) and my 485 expires at end of 2021. Recently, I've lodged an applicaiton for186 DE. I've got the following queries: Am I eligible for medicare? If I am eligible for medicare, and once I got my medicare, can I cancel my...
  5. Kii

    Advertisement for 186 DE application.

    Hey, I am working in the company as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and the company I am working for currently approved me to sponsor for my residency (186 DE software engineer). For 186 DE, DHA has new requirements for advertising the position before we lodge an application. The company...
  6. N

    Info 482 to 186 Direct Entry

    I've been with 482 Médium term visa for one year, I want to apply to 186 Direct entry because I meet 3 years work experience. Should the company do a labor testing? If so, i would like to know how to do that, taking into account that I already have 482. Thanks
  7. Kii

    Info 186 visa queries.

    Hello, Currently, I am on a 485 PSW visa and my visa will expire next year. I am asking my employer for a 186-visa. Do I need to wait until my 485 visa expires or I can start processing for 186-visa immediately? Thank you
  8. Visaapplicant

    How can i use HAPID of one visa application for another visa application?

    Hi I am currently in student visa until 21 april, 2020. Therefore i applied for 2 visa skilled migration 485 visa and skilled migration ens 186 visa (through my employer for software engineer position). i have 2 different hapid now for my medical examination one for each visa. The thing is...
  9. H

    About 186

    Regards Admin I have been offered 186 Employment Visa from an Australian firm in Queensland. Should I have to meet all requirements like having 7 band each in IELTS and positive assessment or can I move with this Visa by simply getting positive assessment from concerned assessment authority...
  10. Anazy

    2017-2018 Guide to 186 Direct Entry Stream visa?

    @MysticRiver I was wondering whether there is already a guide written for 186 visa? There is a big chance I'll get a job offer soon which will comply with Australian immigration and workplace relations laws and all the other requirements. Job directly needs all the skills that I have plus...
  11. srnayak07

    Subclass 190 or 186 ?

    SOL : 261313 (software engineer) age 25 , education 15, PTE : 10, work exp: 10, spouse : 5 subclass 189 point : 65 - EOI applied 17 Jan 2018 subclass 190 point : 70 (NSW) - EOI applied 22 Feb 2018 subclass 186 point : No idea how to go about this ? My current employer is ready to offer me job...
  12. A

    Question on Visa 186 with direct entry

    Hello, I am new on this forum and I am looking for some info to apply for the visa 186 as an ICT Business Analyst (code 26111 through ACS), which is on both SOL and CSOL, but the qualification and skills assessment through ACS (Australian Computer Society) is still unclear to me. Some...