visa 186

  1. Visaapplicant

    How can i use HAPID of one visa application for another visa application?

    Hi I am currently in student visa until 21 april, 2020. Therefore i applied for 2 visa skilled migration 485 visa and skilled migration ens 186 visa (through my employer for software engineer position). i have 2 different hapid now for my medical examination one for each visa. The thing is...
  2. H

    About 186

    Regards Admin I have been offered 186 Employment Visa from an Australian firm in Queensland. Should I have to meet all requirements like having 7 band each in IELTS and positive assessment or can I move with this Visa by simply getting positive assessment from concerned assessment authority...
  3. Anazy

    2017-2018 Guide to 186 Direct Entry Stream visa?

    @MysticRiver I was wondering whether there is already a guide written for 186 visa? There is a big chance I'll get a job offer soon which will comply with Australian immigration and workplace relations laws and all the other requirements. Job directly needs all the skills that I have plus...
  4. srnayak07

    Subclass 190 or 186 ?

    SOL : 261313 (software engineer) age 25 , education 15, PTE : 10, work exp: 10, spouse : 5 subclass 189 point : 65 - EOI applied 17 Jan 2018 subclass 190 point : 70 (NSW) - EOI applied 22 Feb 2018 subclass 186 point : No idea how to go about this ? My current employer is ready to offer me job...
  5. A

    Question on Visa 186 with direct entry

    Hello, I am new on this forum and I am looking for some info to apply for the visa 186 as an ICT Business Analyst (code 26111 through ACS), which is on both SOL and CSOL, but the qualification and skills assessment through ACS (Australian Computer Society) is still unclear to me. Some...