visa 189 application

  1. N

    189 wrong date for relevant date on eoi

    Hi! Anyone have the same case as me? I put the date for employment (relevant) wrong on eoi, instead of 7 october 2020 i put 6 october 2020 (following my skill assessment date, might be because my payslip start on the 6th). And i didn’t update my eoi so my workplace still the old one when I...
  2. sheryannomictin

    Student experience in form 80

    Hi everyone. I am a student lodging visa 189. Currently filling up form 80. Now working as registered nurse. Before I had my invitation, I was a room attendant/cleaner at the hotel and apartments while doing assistant in nursing. Then I still continue cleaning jobs even if I am working as a...
  3. H

    Subclass 189 Forgot to mention job change

    Hello. I received my invitation to apply for visa 189. The problem is that i changed my job a year before and i did not update this in EOI. Job description is matching. Will i have any problems when i apply for the visa? I need points for the current job that I forgot to update in EOI to...
  4. M

    2019-2020 Question about the 189 NZ stream visa

    Hi, my kiwi husband and I currently live in Germany and want to go back to Australia as soon as my offshore 461 visa gets granted. My husband moved To Australia in 2009, lived and worked there continuously from 2014 - 2020. We missed our first chance to apply for the 189 when we went to Germany...
  5. R

    Visa 189/190

    Hi All I have submitted EOI on 10-December-2019 for Visa 189 and 190 for software engineer (261313). I have 70 points (for states 75). Please clarify below doubts. 1. I have submitted one EOI which includes both 189 and 190 Visa. Whether separate EOI required for 189 and 190? 2. I have...
  6. Usman Saeed

    VISA Application 189

    hi there, I received invitation for VISA 189 this feb 2020. I need to clarify few questions. 1. Which documents are required to upload as evidence for Employment? (i.e Reference letters, pay slips etc?) Is the reference letter is sufficient? Please note: I have assessed my work from EA and...