visa 189 application

  1. R

    Visa 189/190

    Hi All I have submitted EOI on 10-December-2019 for Visa 189 and 190 for software engineer (261313). I have 70 points (for states 75). Please clarify below doubts. 1. I have submitted one EOI which includes both 189 and 190 Visa. Whether separate EOI required for 189 and 190? 2. I have...
  2. Usman Saeed

    VISA Application 189

    hi there, I received invitation for VISA 189 this feb 2020. I need to clarify few questions. 1. Which documents are required to upload as evidence for Employment? (i.e Reference letters, pay slips etc?) Is the reference letter is sufficient? Please note: I have assessed my work from EA and...