visa 189

  1. M

    ACS Is it mandatory to do Experience Assessment for 189

    I have lodged my 189 visa, I got the positive skill assessment for my qualification but for experience I didn't do the skill assessment is it mandatory to do? anyone got grant without assessing experience.
  2. sheryannomictin

    Student experience in form 80

    Hi everyone. I am a student lodging visa 189. Currently filling up form 80. Now working as registered nurse. Before I had my invitation, I was a room attendant/cleaner at the hotel and apartments while doing assistant in nursing. Then I still continue cleaning jobs even if I am working as a...
  3. G

    Visa 189

    Dear all, Thanks for the informative dialogs above. I hope someone can elaborate on what should I do in my situation. I have studied electrical engineering(BA) but have been working in a field that is irrelevant to my study and not listed in the MLTST nor in the SOL, Im urged to obtain the...
  4. A

    ACS ACS will expire during visa processing

    Hi everyone, I have a weird problem and cant seem to find a solution. I have recently done my PTE and now I sit at 95points for 189 and 100 points for 190. I have 3 years and 11 months Australian experience, and 2 years few months overseas. My ACS expires on 22nd jan 2021, around in 4 months...
  5. A

    Getting a job after visa approval

    Hi everyone. I came up to this forum searching for information to apply for a work visa in Australia. I am from Honduras, Central America. I am an engineer with high English skills and I want to apply for a skilled independent visa (189). My wife is a general practitioner and speaks English as...
  6. S

    Marriage certificate lost

    Hello we got a invitation to apply for SA .. wHile all our documents are ready we realised that we lost our marriage certificate and we do not have e copy of the same .. it may be lengthy process to retrieve a fresh one.. can we submit application without registered marriage certificate...
  7. S

    Pr Process time

    Hi, Can someone please guide me. I have lodged my PR on 30th January, 2019 under 189 skilled independent visa and submitted all the documents. I have not been contacted by any CO till now. What are the chances of me getting my PR by the end of April, or by when can I expect my PR.
  8. A

    Subclass 189 Skipping Health Assessment

    Hi, I have received invitation recently but my wife is pregnant at the same time. I am thinking to skip MHD in the visa application now and wait for CO to advise, to gain more time in order to include the new born in the visa application and get my wife stabilize before we travel to Australia...
  9. syedwahab14

    Guide My 189 visa story

    Hi everybody, I was recently granted skilled independent visa (subclass 189). Since I did not hire any consultant for the most part, forums like migrationdesk were really helpful through the whole process. Having received the visa grant I would like to share my story for anybody who might find...
  10. syedwahab14

    Birth Certificate for 189 visa application

    Hi, I have applied for 189 visa. As proof of age I have uploaded my passport which has my date of birth and a certificate from school (secondary school completion certificate) which also mentions my date of birth. My question is that, is it necessary to upload the birth certificate as a proof...
  11. A

    General Is it possible for the dependent to make first entry without the primary applicant?

    Is it possible for the dependent to make first entry without the primary applicant? In my case, wife is the primary applicant. But i would like to enter Australia and get the job and plan to take my family later. Is there any rule or restriction such as all the dependent should accompany the...
  12. S

    Subclass 189 Can I submit Visa application before getting PCC and medical test?

    Hi All, I have received the invitation yesterday and lodging the Visa Application for 189 visa. I filled 17 steps application and the next step would be to submit documents before payment. I currently live in Dubai and got PCC from dubai and attached the same. Now In the process of getting PCC...
  13. K

    Subclass 189 when claiming spouse 5 points, spouse's documents for 189 visa application

    While submitting visa application for 189, since I am claiming spouse's 5 points, do I need to upload my wife's salary slips, form 16 and back statement, to prove my wife's employment?
  14. A

    Subclass 189 I have got my visa invite yesterday, now I have to lodge the visa application with the fee, mc and pcc I have got extra points due to increase in exp

    I have got my Australian visa invite yesterday after 10 month of EOI, now I have to lodge the visa application with the fee, medical checkup and pcc I have got extra points due to increase in experience after submitting EOI. Q1- Do I have to provide any extra document to claim these extra...
  15. A


    Hello Forum, Greetings. It's music to my ears to see people getting their visa granted after the long wait.Congratulations guys. I had deposited my and my partner's visa fees on 5th January 2017 for visa 189 under accountant (general) after receiving the invitation in December 2017.Since then...
  16. B

    Which visa should I go for?

    Dear friends, First of all, thanks for this amazing forum! It's exactly what I was looking for! My name is Celso and I am a Portuguese software engineer who wants to go to Australia to work in my field of studies. Ideally, I would go for a working holiday visa (WHV), and then on the spot I...


    Hi, I need your advice in regards to my EOI. I updated my "Test Reference Number" but forgot to update the "Date of Test" for PTE in my EOI. I got my PTE score on 19/5/2018 and I updated my EOI on 20/5/2018. I received the invitation on 6/6/2018. I am not sure what to do now. I entered...
  18. L

    ACS and VISA job documents mismatch

    Hi Any idea if the documents which we submitted to ACS are accessible to DIBP also?I had earlier given an SD from a colleague and now want to submit a company letterhead doc from my manager for RnR.....can I do so?
  19. S

    Subclass 189 ACS - Required Documents

    Hi, I have planned to submit my Consolidated mark sheet as Award Transcript, which details all the subjects of the course. I have completed MCA, so I have to submit both Master's and Bachelor's degree certificates and consolidated mark sheets. The problem is, my Bachelor degree's consolidated...
  20. A

    Subclass 189 Australian Study Requirement

    Hi Everyone! I have submitted EOI (visa 189) in July 2017 for 263311 with 60 points atm. I have a skills assessment from EA for my bachelors degree already. Currently, I am pursing a Masters degree in Data Science from UniSA, in Adelaide. (CRICOS registered 104 weeks) It will finish on 31st Dec...