visa 190

  1. Tuns

    ACS Skilled Experience Claim or Visa 190

    Hi all, I am very curious about skill assessment claim and I will really appreciate any clarification from anyone, need this claim to gather my point at least I should reach 65-70point. I am into ICT, but unfortunately as an oversea candidate with my young age (24), I do have limited education...
  2. Prabhsingh

    VETASSESS Income proof for visa 190

    Hi according to the consultant in visa 190 Form 16 is required and form 16 part A is mandatory but in my case in 2015 I was not taxable and thats why my form 16 part A was not issued by the employer. is part A is required or only part B is sufficient??
  3. B

    Visa Application - Queries on Travel and Employment History

    Hi Everyone, I got the invite for 190 VIC. I got my pre-invite on 3rd Oct 2022. While looking at the Visa application, I have some queries for certain sections. In Page 13, under Travel history section, what do we have to fill for Reason for visit? I have been to multiple places in the...
  4. 1

    Subclass 190 190 visa

    190 visa Hello, I have 90 Points (including SS) for 190 PR application under 225113 (marketing specialist). I have filed EOI for NSW, SA & ACT. Are any chances of invitation!? Has any received and invite in 2022. Also, what other states are predicted to open for marketing specialist?! thanks
  5. A

    Subclass 190 190 visa after Immi assessment commence email

    Hi guys, Hope you are doing well. I lodged my visa application for 190 victoria on 28th December 2019 and received “Immi Assessment Commence” email on 12th May 2020. Its one month now after assessment commence email and haven’t heard anything from CO. My nominated occupation is Engineering...
  6. P

    Subclass 190 Visa 190

    My Case officer has asked me to do medical within 28 days . It’s already been week I requested for appointment for medical examination with bupa . But I haven’t heard anything from them . I am really worried about this . If anyone been through this same situation . What did they do? What was the...
  7. R

    Visa 189/190

    Hi All I have submitted EOI on 10-December-2019 for Visa 189 and 190 for software engineer (261313). I have 70 points (for states 75). Please clarify below doubts. 1. I have submitted one EOI which includes both 189 and 190 Visa. Whether separate EOI required for 189 and 190? 2. I have...
  8. H

    How long will take to get my 190 visa granted after submitted additional documents for relationship?

    Hi guys, I met my wife through a friend in July 2018, our relationship moved really fast, and we decided to get married 6 months after. We are currently living in Canberra, and applied for ACT nomination in July 2019 with my wife and nominated by ACT in August 2019, everything were submitted...
  9. K

    NSW Should I assume that I won't get the pre-invite...

    It has been 1.5 months but unfortunately I haven't received the invitation (pre-invite) to apply for NSW state nomination. Does it mean that I am not selected? My basis are the following: 1. My occupation is uncommon (last year around 90 applicants were invited for 189) so I guess there are few...
  10. K

    Subclass 190 Partner Skill Points - does it require that your partner's occupation be included in the state's occupation list you are applying for?

    I am the main applicant applying for a state nomination and considering to add more points through partner skill points. My only concern is that the occupation of my wife is not opened/listed under the occupation list of the state I am applying for (although her occupation is eligible for visa...
  11. K

    General Age concern after getting invite to apply for state nomination vs after getting invite to apply for visa 190

    I am 32 yo right now and currently waiting for invitation to apply for state nomination. Lets say i get invited (still 32 yo) to apply for state nomination and we know that it would take around 8-12 weeks after that to get invited for 190 visa application. What if i already turned 33 by the...
  12. K

    General Age confusion for 190 state nomination

    I am 32 yo right now and currently waiting for invitation to apply for state nomination. Lets say i get invited (still 32 yo) to apply for state nomination and we know that it would take around 8-12 weeks after that to get invited for 190 visa application. What if i already turned 33 by the...
  13. L

    190 non-migrating family

    Hi all I am completing my 190 visa application. I have come across the question asking for non-migrating family with drop downs for all types of relatives. I am applying by myself with no children, I already live in Australia. I have started to include my parents and sister in the application...
  14. D

    190 subclass visa documents

    Hello people, I am filling in form for 190 subclass in immiaccount. It has prompted me to submit form 80 and PCC. 1. Can I submit form 80 and PCC later? 2. When can I submit health assessment??
  15. IronMan

    General Do I need to apply for State Nomination explicitly once I have submiited EOI for visa 190

    Dear Members, I am an IT Engineer from Pune and have overall 9.8 Years of experience (1y and 2m experience working in Australia - ACS assessed as "Systems Administrator" - 262113) EOI: 80 points (including 5 points for state nomination) PTE overall 77 (Proficient) I have submitted my EOI...
  16. M

    General Enquiry after obtaining PR for visa subclass 190

    Hi everyone. I have a couple of questions after being nominated by VIC receiving PR for visa subclass 190. Hope you guys could help answer those that you know. Thanks! :) After I have successfully received PR for visa 190, how long will the visa allow me to find a job? Where can I find for...
  17. B

    Survey for Victorian State Nominatioon

    Has anyone had an issue in conducting the first survey having been granted visa 190 from Victorian State? My recent visa grant was nominated by Victorian Government and I have been trying to contact the Department of Trade... to enable me respond to their survey. All efforts to contact them so...
  18. P

    Subclass 190 Asked to submit statutory declaration

    Hi, I have been asked to submit a statutory declaration confirming that child appeared for medical test is the same as on the child passport submitted since the passport is 3 years old and the pics dont resemble much now. she was 2 at that time and now 5 years old. however the immi account...
  19. rn_mis007

    NSW 190(NSW) for 133111 - Construction Project Manager

    Hi Members, I submitted EOI for 133111 - Construction Project Manager with 70+5 points on 28-Feb-2018 for SC190 (NSW). Age:30, Qualification: 15, Experience: 5, English:20, SS: 5, Total: 75 points Please advise if I should expect invite from NSW in upcoming round on Friday, 16th March. Thanks
  20. R

    VIC State Nomination process

    Hi everyone, I submitted my EOI about a month ago and 2 weeks ago I submitted my Victoria State Nomination application. I applied for ICT Business Analyst (261111), Do meet both DIBP and VIC requirements and because I have a job offer in Melbourne I didn't have to wait for a pre-invite and...