visa 485

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    TRA 485

    hello legends, do i need to fill form 80 or other forms for 485 Graduate Work stream Visa as a single applicant. And do I need to wait for the provisional skill assessment final outcome or I can apply with lodgement receipt. And with the insurance I am still covered with OSHC until May do I...
  2. S

    Info Need help understanding partner/dependent/subsequent entrant visa.

    Hi everyone, Needed some help understanding partner/dependent/subsequent entrant visa. Both me and my partner (de-facto) are currently on Temp Graduate Visa (485). My partner's visa expires in May 20201 whereas my visa expires in May 2022. We are planning for my partner to come on to my visa...
  3. Visaapplicant

    How can i use HAPID of one visa application for another visa application?

    Hi I am currently in student visa until 21 april, 2020. Therefore i applied for 2 visa skilled migration 485 visa and skilled migration ens 186 visa (through my employer for software engineer position). i have 2 different hapid now for my medical examination one for each visa. The thing is...