visa 489

  1. K

    Study visa refusal affect on 489 visa application

    Hi, I would like to know that recently I have received an invite for 489 South Australia. I have been refused for study visa for MBA in 2016 from Canada. Is it going to effect my visa application for 489 ? Regards, Kamran
  2. Hamza.Hayat

    Subclass 489 FS Guidence for visa 489

    Hello my name is Hamza Hayat and i am a Mechanical Engineer, my brother is also an Electrical Engineer. We want to immigrate to Australia throught Visa 489. But the problem is that we are fresh graduates and we do not have work experience to gain the work experience points. But my mother have 20...
  3. R

    SA Process after receiving state nomination

    Folks What's the Process after one receives "State Nomination' Approval ? Had applied for 489 Visa South Australia... Please help me with an approximate time-line also. Thanks Ravi