visa application

  1. M

    What if I only have bank statements, social contributions and insurances from my previous employer?

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to ask this question, currently consolidating our (with spouse) documents and I claimed points for years of experience. EOI has been already submitted yesterday. Now, I am working with my employment record history. I do not have pay slips, so I asked my previous bank...
  2. kyandy

    189 Application - Education History

    For 189, we need to state all past and current studies at secondary level and above. I have a few questions for this requirement: I have a Associate degree, which is not related to my skill assessment occupation and not included in my EOI: 1. I do not have a starting date in my education...
  3. U

    Subclass 190 !!! Urgent !!! Filling 190 Visa application & confused due to dates.

    Hi Experts, Please do reply on this post. From the beginning of my student visa and now finally 190, I am supplying same documents for my overseas qualifications to Immi. However, I am confused with the dates for my overseas Bachelor’s degree for which I haven’t claimed any single point...
  4. Jay90

    Subclass 190 Naati in visa application

    I received a nomination but after the nomination I received my NAATI results. In the visa application what should I select for Credentialed community language qualifications? Yes or no? thank you very much for your attention
  5. B

    Visa Application - Queries on Travel and Employment History

    Hi Everyone, I got the invite for 190 VIC. I got my pre-invite on 3rd Oct 2022. While looking at the Visa application, I have some queries for certain sections. In Page 13, under Travel history section, what do we have to fill for Reason for visit? I have been to multiple places in the...
  6. J

    VIC 491 Visa - Child Custody Details and Form 1229

    Hi, I got invited to apply for the visa and I'm planning to include my wife and son who are living offshore in it (I'm currently in Australia). I have questions in answering following questions which I found while adding my son's details. 1. Is this child in the primary applicant's care and...
  7. V

    VIC Query Regarding Partner's Skill Assessment and Partner's En

    Hi Team, My ROI for Victoria was selected and I have applied for the nomination and probably should receive the invite in the next 12 weeks. I have claimed Points for Partner's skill assessment and Partner's English test results Queries: 1. Should my partner's Skil Assessment be valid at the...
  8. R

    Visa application-Subclass 485 Onshore

    Hi there guys, Im new here and Just wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I've been living here in AUS for almost 2 years now, and I filled my application, and submitted it for my new visa (485) and submitted it, however I;m having second thoughts about a couple of questions: Q1. Usual...
  9. P

    Visa application

    Hi everyone... I have received the invitation for South Australia 489. My agent submitted the application for visa yesterday and informed me that it will take 2 days to get a confirmation letter for the submitted application. Is that how it it? Because only a week is left for the deadline to...
  10. S

    Subclass 190 Job change during the Visa application process and change in occupation details?

    I have resigned from my current company on a notice period of 2 months (tentatively until Nov 3rd) and new joining date would be Nov 4th. However I received an invite for applying 190 from NSW .As I have 60 days to finalise the application, what details I am suppose to fill in the application -...
  11. I

    Need suggestions on Child visa sub class 101

    I am currently working in Singapore and I have an Australia PR visa (189) .(Not migrated Yet) My wife and 1st child are in India -Both have Australian PR visa. We are expecting our 2nd child in the month of June 2019. I need your suggestions on the below questions : Can I apply for child visa...
  12. A

    How much time usually it will be taken by hospitals to submit medical examination status to HAP id

    How much time usually it will be taken by hospitals to submit medical examination status to HAP id. I have completed by medical examination on 02 Nov 2018. How can track whether they have completed submitting the health examination result against the HAP ID. Is there any portal to check this?
  13. V

    Subclass 190 190 Visa Application Queries

    Hello, a few questions on lodging 190 visa. Hope @MysticRiver and other esteemed members can guide me. I recently applied for TR 485 and did medicals (501 and 502). Do I need to do medicals for 190 Again? From my research, I know in addition to 501 and 502, we also need to do a blood test. I...
  14. A

    Subclass 189 When can we submit the Visa application after completing Medical Assessment?

    I am planing to submit Visa application with all the required details like health assessment and PCC verification on one shot. 1. When can we submit the Visa application after completing Medical Assessment? 2. Will it take time to reflect the health assessment to linked HAP ID after completing...
  15. A

    Documents to ImmiAccount-Custody & Member of Family

    Friends, I have few questions before I submit the document. 1. 'Custody, Evidence' which document I need to provide? In my case both father and mother is accompanying the child to Australia. As per my understanding from the help section, no document to be provided of parents...
  16. R

    Have anyone received an invitation for NSW190 but didn't apply till deadline, and then have reapplied later?

    Dear friends, I am new to this forum. I have received an invitation for NSW 190 in the last round but I am waiting to get an invitation for 189, so I might not apply for NSW. But I am worried that if I do not get an invite for 189 sooner, I might have to reapply for the state sponsorship 190...
  17. Ramandeep

    Overall process after getting the invite (health examination, police clearance and upload documents.)

    Hi everyone, I have been invited for 189 (75 points) and now I am preparing the documents for applying the visa on ''. Now here are the main concerns that I am having. when lodging the visa file there were 17 screens where I filled all my information. In the end I was able to...
  18. R

    189 190 for 65 points concerns

    When the base point was 60 for lodging the PR application ,People with 65 points were getting the invitation and it was like 60 pointers had a less comfort zone .Since the points for EOI has been raised from 60 to 65 is it going to be the same case that only 70 pointers are going to get a invite...