1. C

    Offshore or Onshore

    Hi All, I've lodged my application on 12th April 2019 with 75 points but till no updates. Meanwhile I have moved to Australia on June 2019 in 482 category and updated my Australia address after that. However, my wife is still in my home country and her address remains as is. Now, do they...
  2. Divya

    Visa grant timeframe update

    Hey @MysticRiver , We filed for SC-190 on the 9th March. At the time of filling the visa, the visa grant time was from 4 to 7 months. Currently, the visa grant time has risen to 11-15 months. What my query is, will this new increased visa grant time affect all the applications in retrospect as...
  3. Grant2

    In case you were wondering why visas take so long...,-visa-grant-waiting-times-may-increase/8548012