visa grant

  1. A


    Hello Forum, Greetings. It's music to my ears to see people getting their visa granted after the long wait.Congratulations guys. I had deposited my and my partner's visa fees on 5th January 2017 for visa 189 under accountant (general) after receiving the invitation in December 2017.Since then...
  2. B

    regarding visa grant

    Hi, Just wanted to ask is it true that visa grants are sent in the first hours of the day?
  3. G

    Completing EOI and visa grant before the age of 45

    Hi, I will be 45 years old in 5 months and I want to start the Australian Visa (either 189 or 190). As I understand there are a few milestones and in each one I must be under 45. As I've read the time each step takes is unknown, my question is, will it be possible to get the assessment before...
  4. NehaPathania

    489 state sponsored (SA) Visa Grant Gang

    Who all are waiting/have recently been granted 489 state sponsored visa (SA)?? Let's use this thread to help Others with timeline processes. I lodged visa on 04th Sept, got CO allocated on 04th Oct. Now waiting for news on grant :)