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    Subclass 189 Spouse documents for 189 visa

    Hi, Me and my wife have applied for visa 189 visa. I am the primary applicant and we have added 5 points of my spouse as she is a software engineer and got ACS accrediation. Altogether we have 80 points. What all documents do I have to submit for my spouse's extra 5 point?? Only ACS accrediation...
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    Documents & Statutory Declaration - Skilled Visa

    Hi there, would like to enquire some of the doubts below for skilled migration visa 189:- What kind of documents need to be certified? Is this including my resume, identity card/ID, passport copy, passport picture,birth cert, marriage cert,etc. What about payslips,bank statements?Anything else...
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    EA Electrical Engineer VISA 189

    Hi Folks, I have heard that its relatively easy to get the VISA 189 for electrical engineers applying with 60 points. Is it true ? And approx how much time it takes to get the VISA grant if all formalites like PCC medical check, documents upload completed and done the very next day we get an...