visitor visa

  1. hasib94

    Visit visa subclass 600

    8503 - No further stay 8531 - Must Leave before visa expiry *** << Can I go to Australia in 17th October flight ? I will come home in January 13th >> *** Is possible? Please reply everyone 😭🙏
  2. C

    Info Visitor Visa 600 for Parents (Sponsored family)

    Hi I have applied for visa for my parents about more than a month ago, the medical and exemption was finalised last week, how long does it take these days to get visa after the exemptions, medical and biometric.
  3. P

    Info Visitor visa

    Am I able to bring my boyfriend in visitor visa ? If anyone knows info thanks
  4. R

    Visitor visa for dependent while PR Application is submitted

    Hi, I am currently living in Australia on my Work Permit and my wife is staying outside Australia. I recently submitted 190 PR invitation for both myself & my wife (as my dependent). Since I am planning to bring my wife to Australia and the processing time for PR applications is 8 to 10 months...
  5. khannavishal

    Help on tourist visa subclass 600 and spouse visa subclass 802

    Hi @MysticRiver, @Rakshanda In need of your supporting advise on following matter: I am permanent resident of Australia with visa subclass 190 and got PR in sep 2017. Have fulfilled my obligation to enter before specified date "IED". Got medicare, TFN, bank account in australia. Had done some...
  6. V

    Do we need to provide return ticket with visitor visa application (subclass 600)?

    Do we need return ticket for Visitor Visa ( sub class 600 with 3 months stay) ?