waiting for visa grant

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    Subclass 190 190 visa after Immi assessment commence email

    Hi guys, Hope you are doing well. I lodged my visa application for 190 victoria on 28th December 2019 and received “Immi Assessment Commence” email on 12th May 2020. Its one month now after assessment commence email and haven’t heard anything from CO. My nominated occupation is Engineering...
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    NSW 190 visa grant wait time

    Hi, I submitted my 190 visa application on June 14th 2019 for NSW. Job code: 263111 Total score: 80 + 5 The portal shows a processing time of about an year for the visa grant. Could this be the actual time period? Or can it be more than that?
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    When will I get my grant?

    So here is details on30 nov i go through medical and on 11 jan i came to know that i have to re appear in medical bcz they detect some spots which they consider signs of tb .on 20 march i fot my report .in which everything is clear there is no tb at all .on 30 march medical report has been...
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    Hello Forum, Greetings. It's music to my ears to see people getting their visa granted after the long wait.Congratulations guys. I had deposited my and my partner's visa fees on 5th January 2017 for visa 189 under accountant (general) after receiving the invitation in December 2017.Since then...
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    TAS 489 state sponsored (TAS) Visa Grant Gang

    Hi All, Let's help each other with the timeline process. See my Timelines for your information and update yours as well. regards, Niaz