1. julianspencer

    Visa withdrawal

    Hello please help with my question. I would like to ask about my visa application, I lodge my student visa sub class 500 on 23 May 2022, I have not hear the news yet until now. Then I lodge working holiday visa on 10 August 2022. Both of them were applied offshore. Will there a problem If I...
  2. S

    Info Withdrawing secondary application from 491 visa

    Hello, community Can my partner withdraw herself from 491 application? My partner is a secondary applicant on the application. I have claimed 5 points of my partner's English proficiency. If my partner moves away from my application while we are still in a relationship then can I still claim...
  3. J

    Visa application withdrawal

    Here's my current situation: I'm holding a BVB on my 485 application now and I lodged a PR application weeks ago and got a new BVB granted for the PR application. The new BVB will be active once the current visa ends (I believe in my case the current visa would be the 485 BVB). My questions are...
  4. NJsublass500

    Guide s57 NJ 4020 ban?

    (sublass500) anybody pls help, im in a deep trouble my s56 explanation is rejected and served with 4020 s57 Natural Justice (concealment of fact and to mislead homeoffice), just because agent hided USA visa refusals. what will happen? when will i get reply, classes will start in 3weeks, and its...