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  1. R

    Subclass 887 887 refusal work rights

    Hi there I want to know about working in Sydney suburbs . I have refusal on 887 visa and my file pending in AAT, right now I’m on bridging visa with no details about living and working specification So can anyone help, can I still relocate to Sydney suburbs and work there Thanks
  2. R

    Info Student visa woes and confusion

    Hi, I am currently holding a student visa that will expire at the end of August. However, I have received my degree conferral. According to my visa condition, I ma not allowed to work after being granted the degree. I will be applying for a temporary graduate visa soon. Am I right to assume that...
  3. J

    Australia Work condition 8104

    Hi there Thanks for your reading. I just heard people saying immi change the 8104 condition, so if you are the secondary applicant of master by course work student. You can’t work unlimited hours anymore. Is it true? Because I did not receive and any news from internet or agent. But I did...
  4. IronMan

    General Working in different state on 489 visa

    Hi All, Wanted to know if we have 489 visa for State A and once Granted, can we work in State B "initially" and then from there move to State A and fulfill the obligations? Final aim is to apply for PR - will it have any implications for working in State B initially despite of fulfilling...