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  1. Garry567

    ACS Bachelor degree assessed without experience

    Hi there, I have done my bachelor degree in computer application overseas and looking for assess my degree for point base system as I don’t have work experience but I will get after three months where I was confused should I need to assess Australia work experience or I can assess my degree...
  2. C

    EA I worked with same group of companies in India and abroad . Should I submit single employment period or different periods

    My Experiance is as follows 2012 April to October : trainee engineer @ STEAG INDIA at India location 2012 October to 2014 March : Engineer @ STEAG INDIA at India location 2014 March to 2014 July : Engineer @ STEAG INDIA at Botswana (Africa) location 2014 aug to 2019 March : senior engineer...
  3. V

    Claiming Work Experience without secondary documents

    Dear Members, I am in a unique situation and seek your advice on it. I have a successful skills assessment from EA along with 6+ years of experience assessment. Now, apart from it, EA could not provide an assessment for 3 years of work experience because as per them, my secondary documents...
  4. aadi_99

    Experience required before applying for 189/190

    Hello, I'm an ICT major (Electronics & Communication graduate with 6.8 years of experience as an ICT Business analyst. Should I wait for 4 more months to complete my 7 years of experience before applying to 189/190 visa? Context: Usually ACS deduct 4 years if the profession doesn't match the...
  5. ashy

    VETASSESS VETASSESS work experience while studying

    Hello forum members, I have been following this forum for a while. Thanks a lot for all the informative info. I have a question about Vetasses skill assessment for work experience while studying, if anyone could please take the time and answer I would really appreciate. I am looking to apply...
  6. JodyW

    Subclass 189 Did not include any work history in the eoi( didn’t claim points for work experience)

    When I filled the eoi, I didn’t include any work history to avoid over claiming points as those experiences didn’t count towards my nominated occupation and were less than 3 years in overseas so I decided to exclude all experiences from the eoi. Then I went to fill the visa application and form...
  7. B

    189 - REQUIRED Document Upload for Non-Relevant Work Experience? Why?

    Hey all, I am currently on a 485 graduate visa here in Australia (living here for the past 4 years as a student). For my EOI, I put my work experience for the last 10 years and made sure to mark them all as irrelevant as they're not related to my occupation. Today as I started to fill out my...
  8. A

    VETASSESS Additional work experience following Positive Skills assessment

    Hi all, New to the forum and I’ve tried searching around but couldn’t see the exact answer. Today I received a Postive Skills Assessment from VETASSESS for ‘Contract Administrator’ (51111). They said I have 2.8 years experience. I wish to submit an EOI for 489 State Nominatied for South...
  9. SHRI

    EA Assessment Experience Calculation

    I Submitted my assessment to EA on 19th, How will experience for employment will be calculated, will it be till 19th July or till the date of the decision
  10. L

    ACS and VISA job documents mismatch

    Hi Any idea if the documents which we submitted to ACS are accessible to DIBP also?I had earlier given an SD from a colleague and now want to submit a company letterhead doc from my manager for RnR.....can I do so?
  11. E

    ACS Experience calculations and points

    Dear i have got my acs assessment positive ,however as i have mbait degree my experience is calculated by deducting 6years . Fortunately i didnt show my experience while i was doing my bachelors degree 2 years program as i was under impression out of given 11 years experience i can get 8...
  12. A

    Missed a job in EOI and Visa application

    Hello I recently submitted my Visa application for 189 at 75 points for 261312 and I am not claiming any points of employment. As a part of EOI submission, I entered most jobs and forgot 1 (however, I am not claiming points for any of these). Since 189 application pre-fills everything from...
  13. A

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment

    Team, I applied for ACS assessment in April 2017 and got it assessed in May 2017. It states that my experience AFTER JUNE 2009 is valid and equated to Business Analyst Profession. I am with my current Employer since October 2011. When I applied for EOI, I qualified myself as claiming points for...
  14. K

    Experience assessment after EOI lodged

    Dear all, I'm hoping for some advice please. I'm ready to lodge an EOI for 189 / 190 as electronic engineer, so need at least 65 points (same for state sponsorship). I'm certain of 60 (age, english, degree) and already have proof of English and skills assessment from Engineers Australia, BUT...
  15. D

    CPA Foreign Work Experience - DIBP Assessment

    Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie here and want to hear about your comments and suggestions. I want to claim 5 points for overseas work experiences. I have been working as a remote accountant (coming to the office in about 2-3 months in a year) for the past 3 years. Furthermore, the skilled employment...
  16. B

    PhD Assessed for Skilled Occupation

    Hello, thanks for your good work. I gave a question and would like to hear your opinion. I'm about to get assessed by Vetassess and would be lodging an EOI subsequently. I finished my PhD in Australia which was fully funded like a paid employment. I contacted Vetassess to inquire whether I...
  17. H

    Work experience for Migration Skill Assessment

    I already have 65 points for 189 subclass visa with superior English. I can't and won't be claiming points for my one and half years of experience. For, Migration Skill Assessment, it is mentioned that I have to provide experience certificate for employment over 12 months. I cannot provide...
  18. R

    How many years of exp will be deducted for non IT working as IT

    I completed my engg in mechanical but my entire 9 years of professional experience is as a software professional. So, how many years of experience will be deducted from my overall experience?
  19. A

    Points earned during EOI or VISA processing

    Dear Sir, I am ready to submit my EOI under visa subclass 489. I have only 60 point and zero point for working experience at the moment. I can gain 05 point for working experience after 01st of March 2017. As I have heard, result of EOIs submitted with state sponsorship will be available...
  20. A

    ACS RPL years calculation for points

    Hi, I got a positive assessment from ACS giving me a total work experience of 6 years (After deducting 6yrs :(). Now, my situation is as follows : Overseas experience : 2yrs 6months Australia experience : 3yrs 6months. Assuming my Australia experience gives me 10 points for 3 yrs. Question ...