1. D

    Subclass 457 457 notice period, visa termination

    Our workplace has been really low on work in the last several months and I have recevied a tip-off from a senior colleague that head office is considering to get rid of people on work visas. Decision is unlikely to be made official until the annual meeting which usually takes place in the last...
  2. Matute80

    VETASSESS Positive expired outcome- Add experience under same occupation ANZSCO 232312

    Hi everyone, I am brand new here! I guess my question is a very common one but can't find the exact answer online. I have a positive outcome letter from Vetassess with 7.2 points test advice. This expired already a few months ago. I am going to apply for a state sponsorship visa and need to...
  3. G

    Subclass 190 - Victoria (where to live and work)

    Hi Everyone! I was doing some research about whether to wait until get the 189 visa or jump into a 190 Victoria visa. But it says that I will have to live and work in "regional victoria" Outside the "Metropolitan Melbourne". Can you please help me to understand what is regional victoria and...