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187 natural justice because of army

Hey I applied for a 187 permanent visa back on 2015. Due some people reported lies to the department they refused my application on 2016. The I applied to the tribunal appeal and I won the case early 2018. Last August department send me a letter s57 natural justice says that :

The Department has information which indicates that you are a person of interest to the ************* Military Authorities due to your failure to appear and conduct ** months compulsory military service in *************.
Please provide a comment/information about this information available to the Department.

I’ve been discharged from army back on 2008 after a hearing problem I had. ( I informed immigration when I had my examinations as the hearing problem is not a problem for immigration)
Then the people I mentioned before the report to my country army department that I’m listening normal and the department asked me to go there within a week for a review, but the progress of this could take more than 3 months and I couldn’t travel with a bridge visa for so long.

I applied to the army department than I’m an overseas resident and they accepted me as an overseas non-compliant resident. I received a letter from army department of my country and states that:
“.....as an overseas non-compliant resident you can legally reside abroad and work without any problems....”
“.... You are allowed to enter and stay in ************ without any checking of your recruitment status for a period of not more than thirty days, in total or in part, per year (after this period your ********* resident status will be changed as permanent ......”
“....... the fact that you are an overseas non-compliant resident is not an obstacle to issuing or renewing your passport. In order to do this, we as a service issue a Certificate of overseas non- compliant resident after you have presented us with a recent residence certificate from the ************** Consulate in your country of residence. The certificate we issue will be presented to the authority responsible for issuing or renewing a passport......”

What is your opinion on this case?
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