Timeline missing
Hello, I'm in a very difficult situation and was looking for some help.
So I am from the USA on a 462 Work and Holiday Visa. I come to Australia specifically to be with my partner who is a New Zealand citizen. She is not an eligible new zealand citizen. She is on a 444 visa and looking to apply for her 189 New Zealand stream visa and wants to add me to the application. I was wondering how long we need to be in a de facto relationship in order for me to be accepted into the application and obtain residency as well. I am also wondering if me having type 1 diabetes (I have no complications due to diabetes and am very well controlled) will effect the results of the application as I am not in the countries part of the reciprocal medicare agreement.
To add to this, she was wondering if anyone on here has used a financial exemption and still received their permanent residency as she has a valid financial exemption due to having Australian children with a court order stating they can not live outside the country.
Any and all information will be very helpful! Thank you