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457 to a 189 permanent visa


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Hi Mystic,
My 189 visa was recently granted, which I am very happy with. I'd like to say, thanks for your help.

Also, I was previously on a 457 visa.
Would immigration contact my current employer to inform them? Or would I need to give my employer the grant notification letter?

I plan to stay with this employer for the next 6 months anyway.

Finally, as regards to my tax, would I be on a different tax code or tax rate, now that I am a resident?

Look forward to your response


Staff member
Hi Chris,

Congratulations for your PR.

I think there is no harm in informing your employer because it's always beneficial for the companies as well to hire residents.

I don't know any thing that is restricted to the residents compared to the 457 holders, rather the inverse is true.

Regarding tax rate, many countries have different tax plan for residents/citizens and expats. I am not quite sure of the local tax law here, you might want to call the Australian Taxation Office, they are very helpful and supporting.
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