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489 to 887 Visa

Stella Sandi

Timeline missing
My 489 Family Sponsored visa was approved on 2018 June and I stayed at Qld regional and worked full time job for about 8.5 months after visa was approved. But , because of my husband work commitments, the whole family have to move back to overseas for about 1.5 years and plan to come back to Australia after that. I would like to check whether the initial 8.5 months stay in regional QLD can be counted for the two years stay when we apply 887 visa. 2 years stay is regional has to be continuous or can combine all the time spent in regional while we hold 489?Please give some advice on our case. Thanks in advance.


Staff member
I believe you can accumulate over 4 years, you don't need to stay continuously for 2 years to fulfil the criteria.
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