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ACS - document required to be submitted


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I am a software engineer and working for a software company since 10.5 years . I want to apply to ACS for skills assessment . please can you help answer my below question

i joined company `A` ( which is a US based software company) in January 2004 and worked there for 8 years . In 2012 company `A` was taken over by company `B` ( which is a US based software company) and my employment was transferred from company A to company B .

Now i want to apply to ACS for skills assessment , can i give only a experience certificate from company B for 10.5 years ( as company A was taken over by company B and , subsequently my employment was transferred to company B and company B has given me a experience letter for a total 10.5 years on company B letter head) . as i understand that ACS approval letter has the name of the compnay we worked for mentioned in the approval letter
Or do i need to get 2 experience certificates , one from company A ( for 8 years) nad 2 years from company B
and while visa process after i get invite , will the visa office accept my cumulate work experience for 10.5 years from company B , on compan yB letter head


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As I understand the Company A itself has been acquired by Company B, not any project & employees have been transferred from A to B. So, if you manage your experience certificate of 10.5 yrs from Company B, it should be okay. To be more certain, email to ACS, they are quite responsive.
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