ACS ACS mistakenly omitted one of my past employment experiences

Hi everyone,
I submitted my ACS application with four employment experiences as shown below:
Experience 1: Developer - Intellect Design Arena
Start date: 23-03-2015
End date: 09-07-2018
Experience 2: Senior Engineer - Mphasis
Start date: 12-07-2018
End date: 09-11-2019
Experience 3: Senior Software Engineer - Broadway InfoTech
Start date: 21-11-2019
End date: 10-07-2020
Experience 4: Senior Associate- Cognizant
Start date: 18-09-2020
End date: Till date​
I received a positive skill assessment, but ACS failed to mention Experience 3 entirely in the ACS result letter. I emailed ACS about this, but unfortunately, I have not received a response. It is clear that ACS made a mistake. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? If so, your input would be greatly appreciated to help me determine the next steps.

Can I include employment that is not mentioned in the ACS result while submitting the EOI? Please confirm.
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