ACS Am I eligible for applying for Post Australian Study Skills Assessment?


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Hi All,

I would like to make sure one thing as ACS criteria gives me a confusion.

I have graduated from Australian uni back in 2015 having ICT major (261312), and I have a post-qualification work experience for about 3 years from Feb in 2017 to current.

Am I still eligible for Post Australian Study Skills Assessment? Or just general Skills Assessment which requires minimum of 2 year work experience with some deductions in work experience?

Is the general Skills Assessment only for those who have graduated from non-Australian uni?

And would there be a deduction in years if I apply for Post Australian Study Skills Assessment?

Thanks for your response in advance.


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Yes, Apply for Skills Assessment via ACS, your degree will be verified and if roles and responsibility of your job are deemed fit by ACS they will count your experience as relevant and then you can claim 10 points for Work exp in Australia. You can apply now as well if you have ongoing job and ACS will assess that much amount, and once you hit 3 years of experience your EOI will be updated automatically and 10 points will be added

1. Yes Post Aus Study Skill Assessment
2. Yes
3. No
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