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ACS Analyst Programmer - Number of Duties

Timeline is missing

I have a question regarding ACS skill assessment. Is the number of duties listed in the employment reference letter matters?

I have been working in banks (3 different banks) as an Analyst Programmer for about 6 years. Generally the main duties are to understand user’s requirements and help them to perform data extraction by using SAS programming language. My duties match two out of six duties listed in ACS website, i.e.

1)writing and maintaining program code to meet system requirements, system designs and technical specifications in accordance with quality accredited standards.

2)researching, consulting, analysing and evaluating system program needs

My question is, if I were to submit only these two duties, will they see it as insufficient to show that I am an analyst programmer? Shall I further elaborate both the points and break it down into more points? This would looks like just to make the duty list looks lengthy.

Appreciate if you can advice on this.

Thank you.


Hi Nami,

Based on my experience the description should not be exactly word to word as described in ACS website. Ideally your employer should write your duties which resonate with what ACS would expect Analyst programmer’s duties. Also no harm if the duty description appears to be elaborated version. In my case my employer had also included duties which did not match with the occupation code. Only two duties definitely seems too less. Also pls check ACS website where it mentions that 65 % of ur duties should match.

“At least 65% of the duties detailed in the employment reference must be relevant to the nominated occupation for the experience to be deemed closely related to the nominated occupation (ANZSCO).” - ACS reference