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ACS Australia PR Non ICT Skill listed Graduation BA

Bhanu Tandon

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Hello Admin,

I am a Bachelors of Arts passed out in 2012, though I have been working in IT from 2010 October till date which more then 6 years experience.

My query is that if ACS or Australian Visa Authorities would only consider my Work Ex which is after my graduation date in the nominated ICT Skill code.

Also I have done MCSE in Server Infrastructure 2012 will that be considered as equal ant to a IT degree (ICT Major)as mentioned in the ACS and I will only require only 5 years of Experience as mentioned on ACS doc below attachment.



Also if the Certification is assessed as Equal-ant to ICT Major, does it means the Experience will only be counted after I had acquired the certification or just the Certification has to be Valid.

Would I still need to apply with RPL & 6 years Experience plus the certification & my Non ICT Degree.

I am just no sure if a Non ICT degree holder with IT experience has got much chance.

Many Thanks in advance for this forum helping so many wondering souls :).


Staff member
If you have any ICT degree, you won't need an RPL. So, provided that your MCSE is assessed as ICT-major vendor certification, you will NOT require to submit an RPL.

However, for people who have highest ICT degree of a vendor certification or diplima, ACS deducts 5 years of relevant experience (means you can't claim point for those 5 years). So, you'll end up having 1 year point-claimable experience, which will give zero point for overseas experience.

Check details in this link

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