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Guide Australian Immigration 101


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So, what are the first things that you should bear in mind if you want to migrate to Australia?
  • Get on board as quickly as possible: Have no doubt, the process have been getting tougher over the years. Few years back, there was no EOI/invitation process, and people used to apply without any waiting time. So, if you want to migrate, be serious and get on board ... NOW.
  • Be prepared for delay, frustration, impatience: Well, not to discourage you, but these are very common terms I have heard. So, do not make it a life & death decision for you, rather think of it as a side project. Do your part, apply and provide all the documents, then just engage yourself with your daily work.
  • Ask how you can improve your point, not when you will be invited: The whole process is well maintained, but very limited data is revealed by DIBP. So, the question of "when I will get the invitation" is totally vague, because nobody can truly answer that. Your invitation depends on how many back logs are there, as well as how many new EOI (with more point) is going to be submitted between now and the date of invitation. So, if you feel you are lacking some point, try to find out if you can avail any option to increase your point.
  • Prepare your documents before hand: As soon as you decide to apply, start preparing all the basic documents in parallel. It'll ease your life a lot in future.
  • Sit on IELTS now: This is the step people used to delay the most. I know it is annoying, but just get it done.
  • Be careful with EOI: Needless to remind, do not over claim any point. Under-claiming is fine, though absurd. Take your time to fill up correctly.
  • You can submit as many EOIs as you can: No issue legally, just make sure you don't accept multiple invitation.
  • You will need a international credit card to pay the visa fee: There are some alternatives, but for the applicants overseas, it is the easiest way.
  • Get your part done... quickly: Whenever your CO or DIBP ask something from you, just reply/provide at your earliest, this is the part that you can control. There is no point asking why CO is not responding.
  • Don't be afraid to correct yourself: If you make a mistake in Form 80 or any other stage of your application, as long as your point claim is true, you don't need to worry. Just update your CO.
  • Don't ask DIBP when your processing will be done: Well, you can waste your time asking, but you will get a generic reply without any doubt.


Timeline missing
Hiiiii, could you please tell me the dates of November 16 round. however some websites say it was on 9th and 23 but the dibp didnt update anything, so i am highly doubtful as people are saying they got invitations on these days but none of them gave any reliable information that they actually got it. i am asking because in my friend circle noone got it however they were nurses and had 65 points while we easily get it even on 60 points. also my friend who has 70 points and is a surgeon didnt get invite in november. so did these rounds really happened ? and if yes then when does dibp update this. thanks alot
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