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Change of Passport due to expiry

Timeline missing
Mystic and guys,

My passport is going to expire in Aug/16. I`ve applied to 190 NSW nomination using it (because used it also for skill assessment and EOI submission).

Actually it`s not an info that I missed in my original EOI application but an updated one... I`m planning to renew and get a new passport. By getting a DIBP invite, would it be an issue to upload the new passaport rather the one I used for skill assess, EOI and 190 nomination? I can`t find if I can use a valid passport till the last date for lodging the visa OR if the passport has to have 6 months of valid date when I get a DIBP invite.

Thanks for any clarification!


Staff member
I haven't seen any clause asking for minimum validity (may be I missed). But important thing is, you can anytime change your passport (for any valid reason) as long as it's yours (name/DOB etc. matches). All you need is just to notify your CO via email. It is actually one of the common things that occur in the PR process.

Also I believe your new passport will have some reference of old passport (which is the case in my country).
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