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VETASSESS Clarification needed on Indian University Level s in comparison to CEP Australia AQF


Timeline missing
Dear All,
Kindly let me know know if the assessment can be positive.
I have done my Bachelor's - Microbiology
Master's - Microbiology from Level 1 Indian university as per the CEP list.
I have recently completed my Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Microbiology from a Level 3 Indian University as per the CEP Australia. I also have 14 plus yrs in the same Field.

I had applied for priority processing with VETASSESS and they replied with in two days saying our application cannot be processed under priority processing since the Doctor of Philosophy degree cannot be assessed as per their published guidelines and further research is required to determine the comparability of the education as per AQF, therefore it will be processed under normal timeline s.

Kindly let me know if the education assessment will be given with PhD equivalenncy.
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