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Subclass 190 CO requested for "Police clearance certificates" and dependant's evidence of functional english


Timeline missing
Hi everyone,
I have several questions as below that need your advice to finalize my application for the 190 visa. Could you please help me out with those. Thank you for your time and your help. Greatly appreciate that!

1. A CO just contacted me and asked for "Police clearance certificates". I indeed missed only my home country's PCC as they require the applicant to be present in person when applying for the certificate and I couldn't arrange to return to there in time at the time. However, I managed to obtain Australian PCC and submitted it with all other documents in the first place. As the CO didn't specify from which countries the PCC is requested (I only lived in 2 countries: my home country and Australia up until now), do I need to resubmit the Australian one as well just in case he missed that? However, I acknowledge that the DHA specifically asked to not re-apply existing documents.
2. He also requested evidence of functional english: my parter sat for her IELTS about 3 years ago and achieved 5.5 all bands. Does it mean that she satisfied the criterion of "Functional english"?
3. Now that I have all requested documents ready, should I attach into their corresponding subfolders or into the "Additional documents" folder?
4. Will there be another CO to look at my application after submitting the missing docs? Does it mean that that person will only look at recently uploaded documents, not the whole bunch of all submitted ones?

Thank you once again!
Wish you all the best!


Staff member
1. You only need to upload your home country PCC at this point.

2. No

3. Corresponding sections sound more logical.

4. As long as you have all the documents in the appropriate places, they will get those. You might need to click Information Provided button, if available, after you upload all the documents.
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