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Confusion regarding EOI for 190 in ACT


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Dear Sir:

I want to apply for 190. Currently my occupation is available in WA and ACT.

In the EOI form, its showing the option to select "Any state", which means u will be considered for all states.

When i checked WA website, it says the same thing "Have selected ‘Western Australia’ or ‘any State or territory’ as your preferred State."

However, when i check the ACT website, it is saying this " You must select the ACT as your preferred location to live in Australia. "

Now, i am thinking of 2 options.

1. Apply seperate EOI for WA and ACT choosing each as preferred in the EOI.

2. I apply only one EOI and keep "ANY" as my preferred choice of state.

3. Apply 1 EOI for ACT and 1 EOI select "ANY" as my preferred state.

Please advise.


Staff member
In case of any confusion, option 3 is the safest choice as it is not going to cause any harm.
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